A Day In The Life: Triple Seven CEO

Ask any one of Team Triple Seven about their CEO, Simon Taylor, and the first thing they’ll say is ‘he’s always running around somewhere.’ We pinned him down for a cup of coffee to find what he really does in 24 hours…

6:30am - Wake up at home in Essex. Quick flick through emails and social media, before showering and walking to the station.

7:30am - Train to work. My train journey is exactly 42 minutes - just enough time for an episode of a box set. My current favourites are Billions and Ballers.

8:15am - Arrive at the office. 5 minutes to grab a cup of coffee then it’s straight into my first meeting, a daily update with our Graduate Rec2Rec team, ESG. I like to stay up to date with every role that each of our 4 brands are working on, their current clients, and candidates in the process.

‘One of the reasons that I decided to work with Simon was his wealth of experience and exposure to different markets. I thought that I could learn a lot from him, but what I have learned has far superseded my expectations.’ Richard Daniels, Managing Director of ESG

9am - Catch-up with Sophie, my Head of Social. We’ve recently been featured in Global Recruiter magazine, so Soph and I map out a PR strategy.

10am - Sit down at my desk and catch up with some emails (with my third coffee of the day!). Whatever you’ve heard about how much coffee Recruiters drink… it’s all true.

11am - Chat with Greg, the Managing Director of Triple Seven. My mindset is very visionary - I like to think big and focus on the future which sometimes has an impact on the day to day detail. That’s where Greg comes in - he puts it all into action.

‘When Simon asked me to be part of the Triple Seven Group, I jumped at the chance. We’ve known each other for 15 years, so it’s great to be working in the same office again - it’s like old times.’ Greg Ashmore, Managing Director of Ashmore Stark and the Triple Seven Group

12pm - Lace up my trainers and head out for a run. My route takes me through the City and down to the river, then back to our offices in Shoreditch - it takes about 30 minutes, and each Monday I always try to beat my personal best.

1pm - Back at my desk. In the office, we’re discussing this week’s Triple Seven video blog post, and how we’re going to celebrate our first birthday in September.

2pm - Head out to meet a Recruitment firm who we are considering venture capital backing. We’re always on the hunt for innovative companies looking for investment; for us, the only criteria is that their business has to inspire us. If we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning for it, we won’t back it.

‘Simon’s 20 years of experience in the Recruitment industry allows him to identify an exciting prospective investment very quickly.’ Jeremy Wright, Chairman, Triple Seven Group

4pm - Run back to the office for a meeting on advertising. We’re trying to streamline our ad strategy, making sure we’re posting all our ads in the right places to generate the best response. It’s a tricky thing to get right; as soon as you think you’ve nailed it, a new competitor or new job board pops up, and you have to change it all up again.

5:30pm - Grab a beer with the team - our office has free beer on tap, which is great as the whole team can have some quality down-time together at the end of the day.

‘Simon is one of the nicest, down-to-earth guys that I’ve ever come across. I love that he’s really into his trainers, and will chat about them to anyone - it’s great to be able to connect with someone senior like that.’ Joe Skillman, Community Manager, WeWork

‘Simon’s not a traditional manager - he brings a new spark to the Recruitment industry. He’s extremely professional during the day, but just likes to be one of the guys when having a beer after work.’ Martin Klima, Community Lead

6:30pm - Walk into Spitalfields to have dinner with some old friends and former colleagues. It’s great to hear about what’s going on in the world of corporate Recruitment, although it makes me realise how much I love running my own company. The freedom of being your own boss is like nothing else. Plus, no-one makes me wear a suit to work anymore!

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