The Triple Seven Hybrid Business Model

According to Forbes, hybrid organisations ‘combine the social logic of a nonprofit with the commercial logic of a for-profit business’. What does this mean? Put simply, a hybrid organisation creates a solution to a social problem, whilst being commercially successful and self-funded.

For us, though, a hybrid business model means something slightly different.

Picture a City-based private equity firm. What comes to mind?

Chances are, you’re picturing a staid, corporate office, filled with middle-aged men wearing sensible-coloured suits. You’re picturing grey boardrooms, ties and top buttons, and contracts thicker than the Yellow Pages.

This is the impression that the Triple Seven Group are challenging. We’ve created a private equity firm that bridges the gap between the often-inaccessible, highly corporate financial industry, and the dynamic, fast-moving recruitment sector, with the innovative creative energy that comes from being a small startup.

For us, private equity and investment is, ultimately, about providing individuals with tremendous passion and great business ideas with the financial means to transform those ideas into real-life startup companies. Triple Seven aims to deliver not only financial means, but also mentorship and practical business aid, drawing on the experience of each of our board members and utilises that in the best way possible.

At Triple Seven, we invest in Recruitment startups in innovative markets with ambitious growth plans. Our board is made up of Jeremy Wright (Chairman), Simon Taylor (CEO) and Greg Ashmore (Managing Director).

Each of our board members has a different experience of private equity. Jeremy has an investment banking background and therefore a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of private equity and investment, for companies of all shapes and sizes. Simon’s experience of private equity is more specialised within Recruitment, where the wealth of his experience lies, and stems from his previous role working with a Recruitment-specific private equity firm. Greg’s experience centres around the foundation of a Recruitment startup and the process of joining a private equity firm through a venture capital investment, which stems from his experience founding and growing his own Recruitment companies.

Each of these highly skilled leaders has a different forte, and each of them can offer different expertise to clients, candidates or potential investments. They are all an intrinsic part of Triple Seven’s DNA, but they all play very different roles.

For us, this is the definition of a hybrid business model, and it is why Triple Seven works, both as a business, and as a team of people. Triple Seven is a private equity firm, yes, but it is also a collective of Recruitment companies. Our London office is an amalgamation of Recruitment expertise, brought together by the Triple Seven parent, and what we offer to our investments goes far beyond signing a cheque and sending them on their way.

Seeking investment in your Recruitment business? Visit our website for more information (

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