Exactly one year ago today, Triple Seven was born. And what a year it has been! What began as an entrepreneur’s vision, inspired by his previous experiences, is now a profitable startup business. In our first 12 months, we’ve hit some incredible milestones. We’ve chosen our proudest moments for this blog post.

First office

We began with a 2-person office in WeWork’s brand new Aldgate Tower location - in fact, we were the first ever residents! Fast-forward a year and we now have a Reading and Glasgow branch, and a permanent team of 12 in our London HQ.

First hire

Harriet Bullough was Triple Seven’s first ever employee; she was also the first ever Consultant at ESG, Triple Seven’s Graduate Recruitment arm. She’s now Triple Seven’s longest-standing employee, and a Senior Consultant at ESG with a thriving client base of over 150 clients.

First candidate placement

Although Triple Seven isn’t a Recruitment firm (it's a Private Equity business that specialises in Recruitment ventures), our CEO also founded ESG, and the two brands are very closely linked. The first candidate placement that ESG ever made is still working with their new employer today, who remain as one of ESG's flagship clients.

First client

Our first ever client, for Triple Seven brand ESG, was one of the largest IT Recruitment companies in the world. They were also ESG’s first international client. This was a very lucky early break as we have made several placements with them and plan to continue… not a bad place to start!

First logo

Our first logo was designed by our CEO on Microsoft Word! It has evolved over the past 12 months but the core design has stayed the same; it’s simple and iconic.

First intern

In June this year, we hired our first intern. Alex joined Team ESG, and started off writing adverts. However, we soon learned that he was great on the phone as well, and so he progressed into a Resourcer role. To date, he’s resourced 6 candidates who have gone on to be placed, and has become part of the Triple Seven family.

First profit

Often, startups take a while to become profitable, especially those working in niche markets. We’re incredibly proud of Triple Seven’s profitability - by the end of month 3, we were turning a profit, which is almost unheard of, and is a real testament to all of our hard-working, successful Consultants.

First investment

In November 2016, two months after Triple Seven was founded, we made our first investment. Ashmore Stark, headed up by Greg Ashmore, is a FinTech Recruitment firm that places Sales and Business Development professionals into disruptive FinTech startups. The unique, pioneering nature of the business appealed to us and so they became part of the Triple Seven family by way of a joint venture. Fast-forward 9 months and Ashmore Stark is now made up of Greg Ashmore (MD), Hannah Thomson (Head of Sales Recruitment), and Aaron Crosbie, who has just joined us to head up our newly-founded Tech side of the business.

First press mention

In July of this year, Triple Seven secured their first ever article in the press: We’ve since made several appearances in various trade press magazines, and started up our own blog, which you’ll find at

First team night out

Our Thursday night Happy Hours are legendary - ask any one of us and we can all recount at least 5 stories of Triple Seven antics! Our favourite so far has been our Christmas party at STK London, although we are planning a first birthday party, which could take the crown…

What's next for Triple Seven?

We’ve got some pretty ambitious growth plans for the next 12 months; not only will we be growing our investment portfolio, we'll also be growing the Triple Seven team, and opening more regional offices across the UK, and maybe even our first international office in Dubai.

If you’d like to join the team, either as a joint venture or a Triple Seven employee, visit our website or email for more information. Follow us on Twitter @777grp and LinkedIn to stay in touch.

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