How To Finance, Resource and Staff Your Start-Up

Last month, we were asked to take part in a Q&A.

The title caught our attention immediately - setting up a Recruitment start-up is very much our area of expertise!

Simon shared his thoughts with Recruitment International on the best time to hire for your startup. Read his comments below...

'This is probably the main thing that Recruitment start-ups get wrong. A lot of recruitment businesses grade their success by the number of consultants that they have - big mistake. If each of these consultants is profitable, that's fine, but the wrong staff still need to be paid every month and they drain cash. First off, you need to think about what you want from the business. Do you want a small, but highly successful team, or do you want to build the next big thing?

Once you know what sort of team you would like to lead, you need a strategy. Should you hire trainees or experienced or both? As a general rule, I recommend expanding only as a result of client demand, ie. if you have pulled so many clients and you can no longer fill all the roles yourself - that's a great time to hire.'

Want to chat with Simon about financing your Recruitment startup? Email or visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @777grp and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all of our latest news and current roles.

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