5 Reasons for Graduates to Consider a Career in Recruitment

Why consider a career in recruitment?

Have you just finished university, completed your degree, and are ready to start leaving your mark on the world? Like most recent graduates, you have a great education, talent, and enthusiasm to start your career. However, the only problem is that you have no clue what to do next. In a world in which you have so many options, it is almost impossible to make such a key career decision. This becomes particularly problematic if your degree doesn’t guide into a specific field, such as law, accounting or medicine.

If you resonate with the text above, then stress no more. Just ask yourself this question, have you ever considered recruitment as a career path? As the UK economy continues to grow, the demand for talented people increases. Many employees find it harder and harder to find suitable candidates by themselves, so they leave this crucial aspect to specialists trained to identify and attract skilled individuals. Many companies say that their most valuable commodity is their people, so this is your chance to make a real impact on the economy and business growth.

So, as the title suggests, these are our 5 reasons to consider a career in recruitment:

Changing People’s Lives:

By far the most important part of a recruiter’s job is finding their client the perfect individual for that specific role. It might take a lot of phone calls, emails and meeting until you find that special candidate. However, we can assure you that you will feel invincible once you’ve taken someone through the recruitment process and to their dream job. Knowing that you made a difference is an amazing achievement, and the job and personal satisfaction that you get from this doesn’t get much better.

Progression opportunities and variety of work:

If you are a top performer, then you can advance quickly into more senior leadership roles. Recruitment is a sector in which professionals are judged on performance – not by time served or waiting for the next rung in the ladder to become vacant.

Furthermore, recruiting is a varied role in which no two weeks are the same. As a consultant, while you have targets to reach, you also get a degree of autonomy and flexibility. On any random day you could be meeting clients and candidates, negotiating contract rates or even attending events.

Good Pay:

Who does not want a well paid job? In recruitment, if you work hard, you get rewarded. Basically, if you continue to do well, your pay can have no limits. Recruitment is not one of those industries where you can work years without as much as a 3% pay rise. Recruiters have more control of their financial fate. If you can place more candidates into roles then you’re more than likely to be rewarded for your hard work. What a great way to motivate people, right?

People and Competition:

Another perk that comes with the job is getting the chance to meet a lot of interesting and different people. From CEOs to recent graduates, you get to meet a wide variety of people from all seniority levels. Recruitment is a job where you make friends, not just associates.

Moreover, if you are competitive by nature, then this career is for you! As so many roles are advertised by numerous recruitment agencies, you have to be on the top of your game. Knowing that you are amongst the best is a feeling you won’t get in many other jobs.

A Challenge:

Not everyone can thrive as a recruitment consultant. You need to be an independent-minded self-starter, have a high level of confidence and near perfect communication and influencing skills. If you are also driven, creative and resilient then it is even better! As mentioned above, this job can be challenging, but there can be immense job satisfaction – in addition to all the benefits – when you successfully help an individual get their dream career or support a company in its growth agenda.

In summary, agencies are set to find the next generation of recruiting talent, meaning that there are plenty of available roles for the right person. Working as a recruitment consultant, you have the chance to be the best version of yourself, and be well-rewarded for that.

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