5 key recruitment trends for 2018

The recruitment industry has been going through a quiet revolution; in a digital world CV’s feel old fashioned, LinkedIn has been grabbing market share from traditional agencies and your phone gets yet another role in life.

The landscape keeps changing but here are five trends to watch in 2018.

Automation develops intelligence

Over the last few years Candidate Relationship Management software became the standard for most large recruiters to allow them to automate the relationships with candidates.

For many candidates this software is a barrier to a real conversation and limits ability to showcase additional value to a company. The next step is Talent Relationship Management which goes beyond just candidate box ticking data to encompass contingent works and current employees in a holistic approach to identify, engage and build talent networks.

Social strategy needs to be consistent

For both sides of the process – maintaining brand across all platforms is just as important for candidates as it is for companies as both sides review the other across the platforms.

Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows that top corporations are 32% more likely to engage candidates via social media. Social media also enables candidates to see any beyond the corporate website and develop a stronger understanding of the brand.

Swipe right, new job tomorrow

We use our phone to order a take away, find a partner, and now we’re using it for our next career move. According to statistics provided by Glassdoor, 89% of job seekers say the mobile phone is a crucial tool for job searching and 45% use it to search for roles at least once a day.

Well-funded start up’s in this area include Job Today who have a Tinder style swipe right solution, firmly aimed at younger job seekers looking for jobs in the retail and hospitality industries.

Get a little help from your peers

HR departments are not experts in every field, vetting candidate skills is not simple and relying on standard tests often doesn’t deliver the right results. Also candidates often feel reluctant to take tests that don’t go beyond their technical base level.

To address this specific challenge Geektastic launched at the end of 2017, they have created a peer reviewed platform to help businesses source talent quickly, while also improving the candidate experience by creating challenges which go beyond the traditional coding test to give a greater level of information on each candidate.

Smile, you’re getting a new job

The constant struggle of how to judge the character of a candidate without a formal interview, CV’s need to be short and snappy so how do you gauge the essence of a person. How about a 60 second pitch video? Cammio is one of a group of companies bringing videos into the vetting process, there are also lots of YouTube tutorials to help candidates perfect their pitch structure and this allows a recruiter to very quickly view the top ten candidates prior to arranging the in person interview.

It’s a year of technology v old fashioned face to face in a 2018 style, we’re looking forward to it.

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