How to build a successful career in recruitment

As a recruiter you are a middle man, match maker and life changer. Your role keeps the world turning and the bread on the table. You help the candidate get the lucky break, and the client expand that team. You get the hint – it’s all essential stuff.

If you think this is the life for you there are a few golden rules that will make your career a success.

Love people

They are fascinating, complex, frustrating things – and you are going to be dealing with lots of them, not all of who will be easy to love but all could be lucrative, if not now then maybe in the future.

The more you learn to listen, translate and negotiate the more skilled a recruiter you’ll be, so get in there and feel the love.

Know that hard work pays off

Like any sales role recruitment is a numbers game, you’ll leave a lot of voicemails, chase a lot of roles and stalk a lot of great candidates.

You only get the success you work hard for; the cliché is one as it is true – you make your own luck.

Learn the landscape

If you have clients in a sector get to know it, start reading the news feeds, signing up for the newsletters and learning the vocabulary.

Not only does that give you more credibility when speaking to your clients but you’ll also be able to identify a candidate quicker than your competitive agency – learn the lingo.

Get organised

Use the tools you have beyond your brain, use your CRM religiously to map each conversation, schedule your weeks with skill and make the notes you need to ensure you don’t drop any balls.

The recruiter with an organised pipeline makes a heck of a lot more sales than the chaotic post it note addict – simple fact!

Keep learning

You’re fresh out of Uni, and might think you are done with all those years of study, but the world keeps spinning and the world of recruitment is always evolving.

Watch what your competitors are doing, read about new start-ups in the field and subscribe to Harvard Business Review to see what HR directors care about. Keep the grey matter active and stay ahead of the game.

Now go kick some ass and love being a recruiter as much as we do!

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